Madamfo is the Ghanaian word for „Friend“

In 2001, Bettina Landgrafe, the founder of the association, travelled to Ghana for the first time. As a registered nurse working at a small bush clinic, she tried to alleviate the suffering and hardship of the people. The major part of the Ghanaian population lives in poverty. There is a lack of many basic livelihoods, such as water.

During her stay in Ghana, Bettina saw that many projects were executed inefficiently, unsustainably, and often without involvement of the villagers. Therefore, simply assisting wasn’t enough for her. In Ghana and also after her return to Germany, she started to develop plans – in cooperation with locals from Ghana – to improve the livelihoods of the poor and to empower them to live a life without depending on others. Cooperation and inclusion of locals are at the core of successful project development and project implementation in the long run.

Therefore, all parties concerned are involved in the development of the project: the inhabitants as the target group of the project; the government, represented by local decision-makers such as the city councillor or delegates of the region; and the employees of Madamfo Ghana which work on the project side by side with the villagers.

Transparency concerning the use of donations, as well as the involvement of the people affected are paramount to Bettina Landgrafe.

Helping people help themselves… is the guiding principle of Madamfo Ghana, and that is why we realize projects hand in hand with the villagers. The people are not being told what to improve and what to do first. Solutions are found jointly. Every project shall endure without the support of Madamfo Ghana and permanently improve the peoples’ quality of life.

Bettina Landgrafe and her Ghanaian employee Victor Manu represent the project and its spirit. Bettina is in charge of the project management. She places great value on personal contact with people that are interested in the association’s work and would like to know more about Ghana. She is very passionate about her projects and brings them to life in front of the audience, every time she speaks on them.

A beautiful tradition –
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