Madamfo is the Ghanaian word for „Friend“

Bettina Landgrafe came to Ghana almost 20 years ago. She is a registered pediatric nurse and tried to relieve the hardship by working in a small bush clinic.

Much of the population lives in great poverty. Many inhabitants are lacking even basic livelihoods, such as clean drinking water.


Helping people help themselves… is the guiding principle of Madamfo Ghana, and that is why we realize projects hand in hand with the villagers. The people are not being told what to improve and what to do first. Solutions are found jointly. Every project shall endure without the support of Madamfo Ghana and permanently improve the peoples’ quality of life.

All affected groups are involved in the development of the project: the inhabitants, as a target group, of the project; the government, in the form of local decision-makers, such as local council and assembly  for the region; and the employees of Madamfo Ghana, who then carry out the project in cooperation with the inhabitants.

The dedication, experience and reliability of our local staff, who are familiar with the language and cultural background of the people, is instrumental to the success of our work.


We have already been able to realize more than 70 projects, reach almost one million people through our educational programs, provide training or study for nearly 500 young people and enable countless people to undergo surgery or medical treatment. 600 children receive a daily hot lunch through our school lunch program.


We are very grateful for all this! Because without the help of the many sponsors and donors  our work would not be possible.

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