West Mamprussi Distrikt Water Project

Project background

The West Mamprusi District is located in the North East Region of Ghana. The people in this area live in extreme poverty.

We want to help 16 communities, with almost 55,000 people, who do not have access to sufficient clean drinking water.

There are a few simple wells, some of them dug, but they are broken or, due to the low water table and the extended droughts in the region, no longer carry water.

As it is often the case, people fetch their water from streams, ponds or rivers, which can lead to life-threatening diseases.

The search for water also takes a lot of time. As a result, schoolchildren come to school late or not at all, and women have hardly any time left for their families or for farming.

Project description

The construction of 11 mechanised boreholes, with storage tanks and standpipes, as well as 5 boreholes with hand pumps, is intended to remedy this situation.

Project objectives:

  • Access to clean drinking water for 16 communities, with a total of almost 55,000 inhabitants.
  • Improvement of the health status of the population, through better hygiene and prevention of water-borne diseases.
  • Improving the standard of education. Pupils no longer have to spend a long time looking for water in the morning and can attend classes on time. In addition, absenteeism due to water-related diseases is reduced.

Status: in planning

Costs: approx. 120,000.00 €