You are interested in a job or an internship at Madamfo Ghana e.V.?

At site, we only work with locals – if possible with people from the project villages. That way they can secure their livelihoods and help their fellow countrymen autonomously. All our masons,
nurses, doctors, architects… are Ghanaian. We help them to help themselves.

To us, involving all project parties concerned is paramount: inhabitants, because they are the target group; the government, represented by local decision-makers, e.g local councils and
delegates to represent the region; and the employees of Madamfo Ghana which realize the project in collaboration with the inhabitants. This is the key to successfully develop, implement and
establish projects. Local people make the decisions and realize their project – not strangers!

Thank you so much for your interest. We appreciate you and your interest in working for us – but, Madamfo Ghana is not a sending organization.