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Madamfo Ghana e.V.
Bettina Landgrafe
Voerder Straße 139a
58135 Hagen

Phone: 0049 (0) 1278278
Mobile: 0049 (0) 163 7703867

Authorized Representative and Chairwoman:
Bettina Landgrafe

Court of Registration: Amtsgericht Hagen (County Court Hagen)
Register Number: VR2490

“Responsible for Content“ in Terms of § 5 TMG (German Tele Media Law):
Bettina Landgrafe, Voerder Straße 139a, 58135 Hagen

Phone: 0049 (0) 1278278
Mobile: 0049 (0) 163 7703867

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Finanzamt Hagen (Tax Office Hagen)
Finanzamt Körperschaftssteuer (Taxoffice Corporate Tax)
Steuer-Nr (Tax Identification Number): 321/5778/2440

Donations Account – Germany
Madamfo-Ghana e.V.

Sparkasse Hagen
Bank Account No.: 101900090
Bank Identification No.: 45050001

For money transfers from abroad:
IBAN: DE77 4505 0001 0101 9000 90

Donations Account – Austria

Madamfo-Ghana e.V.
Erste Bank Österreich
Bank Account No.: 29421794000
Bank Identification No: 20111

Concept, Design, Frontend Development

HDW Neue Kommunikation GmbH,
Bismarckstraße 126
66121 Saarbrücken

Phone: 0049 (0) 681 6688 160
E-Mail: info[at]
Web: info[at]

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Articles of association of Madamfo Ghana e.v.

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Articles of association of Madamfo Ghana e.V Ghana Project by Bettina Landgrafe e.V.

§ 1 Business name and registered office
1. The association has the name “MADAMFO-GHANA Ghana-Projekt von Bettina Landgrafe e.V.“.
2. It has its registerd office in Hagen.

§ 2 Purpose of the association
The association solely and directly pursues charitable objectives of public benefit within the meaning of the chapter “Tax-Exempt Objectives” of the German Regulation of Taxation (German
The purpose of the association consists of supporting activities for people in need in Ghana (promoting development aid), particularly implementing the following measures:
a) Supporting human aid programmes, development programmes, and health care programmes, as well as any measures that help and strengthen the health care system; including the construction of bush clinics in Ghana, the support of medical aid programmes including treatment, education, and training of doctors and medical auxiliaries, in order to support the ability of self-help and to support and promote health counseling.
b) Implementation of infrastructure projects such as well construction, water supply systems, road construction.
c) Food security for the Ghanaian people by providing food, ideas, preparation, and assistance and by supporting the implementation of programmes to secure alimentation or to support agriculture,
as well as actions for reconstruction, renovation and improvement of the local and national infrastructure.
d) Promoting development aid, education and professional training, child and youth work, elderly care; supporting the socially deprived and the people in need, as well as the politically, ethnically or
religiously persecuted, refugees, displaced persons, victims of war, survivors of war, people injured in war, and victims of tribal riots and measures to prevent or to end tribal riots.
e) Promoting culture in Ghana by building schools, nursery schools and other educational institutions, especially to help people help themselves (e.g. improving their craftsman-skills), and promoting and supporting equal access to education, training, professional training and culture for girls and women.
g) Implementing projects for the empowerment of women to strengthen their status within their families and societies.
h) Hosting informational events and releasing information on social-, political-, and ecological issues of the target areas.
i) Collaborating and cooperating with other aid organizations to promote mutual understanding and to jointly achieve our goals; including other governmental and non-governmental aid organizations.
j) Protection from violence and exploitation, especially protection of women and children; promotion of inclusion of children at all levels, e.g in aid-, education-, and protection programmes of governmental and non-governmental organizations; support of services and organizations for women and children that solely pursue purposes in accordance with these articles of association.
k) Information of the Ghanaian and German people about the living conditions of children in developing countries and children of developed countries to foster development and the spirit of
l) The purpose of this association is financed and fulfilled by finding and recruiting sponsors and donors, that support the project work.
This association is a nonprofit public benefit association and is not organized for the private gain of any person.