Time to share – Christmasproject 2020

This Christmas we would like to realise a life-giving project with you. In these difficult and uncertain times it is more important than ever, to take care of each other and to shape the future together.

TIME TO SHARE will enable 30,000 people to have a future without a constant search for water.
Together with the people, your donation can become water!

Bettina Landgrafe receives “Goldenen Bild der Frau award“

What an honor! Bettina Landgrafe is awarded the “Goldene Bild der Frau Award“ 2017…

News april/may 2020 – The current situation in Ghana

Dear friends and supporters of Madamfo Ghana,

we find ourselves in an extraordinary situation – a global situation we have never been in before. Even the memories of our last experience with Ebola are fading in this current threatening situation.
But this time, we are all in this situation all together – everyone, everywhere.

And that is why we have to be courageous and take extraordinary approaches, now. We must find new ways to protect the weakest and most vulnerable.

Many organizations are withdrawing their staff from Ghana in this crisis. Be we remain on the ground, and we will not abandon our friends in this difficult situation.

But we must all work together to stop the spread of the virus. We need your help more than ever.

Stay healthy and please take care of you and your family.

Your Madamfo Ghana Team


Madamfo Ghana stays even though there is a corona crises!

Madamfo Ghana stays even though there is a corona crises!
Interview with the Westfalenpost:

“To run away now – that would be cowardly in my opinion. We simply have to stay here on site. We deliberately work in Ghana only with locals. They cannot simply flee somewhere. They know the country, they keep calm even in critical situations. This applies to others who live in Ghana. Madamfo means friends. And we see ourselves as friends too. We never leave anyone alone.”

Anhwieso methodist School Wash Project

WASH means Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Our WASH project in schools is an important pillar for positive behavioural changes of children with regard to hygiene.

Become a farm-sponsor

Get active and help us to cultivate fertile farmland with only 10 Euro per month.

Emergency aid for the porter women in Kumasi

In the city of Kumasi there are young women and girls whose only activity is to carry loads on their heads for traders and other customers.

Start your own donation campaign for Madamfo Ghana!

Start your own online donation campaign here. There a countless occasions that spark the desire to do something good: a birthday, a wedding or even the mourning of a loved one.