Newsletter January-June 2021

Dear friends and supporters,

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to provide many people with clean drinking water in the last few months, and several schools are being built for many children.

Water and education are the fundamental pillars of sustainable development.

At the moment, we are particularly concerned about the children from the Yamah children’s home, who lost everything in a terrible fire. We urgently need to help to give these children a home and a safe haven again. Please help us with your donation to rebuild the children’s home as soon as possible.

Dear friends and supporters, despite the difficult living conditions for all of us, your help and support never ceases. And also your man warm-hearted and encouraging messages, that reach us every day, show us very clearly that you continue to stay by our side. For this, you have our enduring thanks and heartfelt appreciation.

I hope you now enjoy reading!

Yours sincerely,
Your Madamfo Ghana Team


The German ambassador in Ghana visits our children’s home in Ho

We have received a high-ranking visitor! His Excellency the German Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Retzlaff and his wife, have visited our Children’s Home in Ho.

Fly&Help – our new partner

The Fly&Help Foundation supports Madamfo Ghana with 60.000€ for the construction of a primary school including a WaSH project.

8 february 2021

Deutsche Umwelthilfe supports the Beeproject

The German Environmental Aid supports the implementation of the project at Lake Bosomtwi, with targeted project funding through the Hand in Hand-Fonds.

In the first phase, training courses will be made possible and 30 modern beehives will be installed. The target is about 240 litres of honey per harvest.

Time to share – Christmasproject 2020

This Christmas we would like to realise a life-giving project with you. In these difficult and uncertain times it is more important than ever, to take care of each other and to shape the future together.

TIME TO SHARE will enable 30,000 people to have a future without a constant search for water.
Together with the people, your donation can become water!

Newsletter July-December 2020

Dear friends, sponsors and patrons of Madamfo Ghana,

another year comes to an end and despite the addititonal challenges, that have been aggravated even more by the Corona Pandemic, we were able to provide protection and care, and hope and confidence to the people of Ghana.

Todays newsletter gives you an insight into selected projects – projects we have already been able to realise with your donations, as well as projects that we are planning.

Our projects enable independence on the long run and focus on the future, such as our new bee self-help project or our “Sowing Seeds for the Future“ project.

Times like these clearly show that cohesion, empathy and caring for others are essential values in our society, and that they play an important role in our common lives. Especially the poorest of the poor, who are defenceless at the mercy of the pandemic, need our help and our support.

On our homepage you can find more information on all our projects. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write or call. We look forward to your feedback!

Dear friends, sponsors and patrons, we thank you for your loyalty, your engagement and your precious support, with which you help us in realising our vision of “a world without poverty, in which everyone can satisfy their basic needs“. Our work is only possible with you.

Please continue to help us realise our vision. Thank you so much! We wish you and your loved ones all the best and stay healthy!

Your Madamfo Ghana Team


Bettina Manu-Landgrafe receives “Goldenen Bild der Frau award“

What an honor! Bettina Manu-Landgrafe is awarded the “Goldene Bild der Frau Award“ 2017…

News april/may 2020 – The current situation in Ghana

Dear friends and supporters of Madamfo Ghana,

we find ourselves in an extraordinary situation – a global situation we have never been in before. Even the memories of our last experience with Ebola are fading in this current threatening situation.
But this time, we are all in this situation all together – everyone, everywhere.

And that is why we have to be courageous and take extraordinary approaches, now. We must find new ways to protect the weakest and most vulnerable.

Many organizations are withdrawing their staff from Ghana in this crisis. Be we remain on the ground, and we will not abandon our friends in this difficult situation.

But we must all work together to stop the spread of the virus. We need your help more than ever.

Stay healthy and please take care of you and your family.

Your Madamfo Ghana Team


Madamfo Ghana stays even though there is a corona crises!

Madamfo Ghana stays even though there is a corona crises!
Interview with the Westfalenpost:

“To run away now – that would be cowardly in my opinion. We simply have to stay here on site. We deliberately work in Ghana only with locals. They cannot simply flee somewhere. They know the country, they keep calm even in critical situations. This applies to others who live in Ghana. Madamfo means friends. And we see ourselves as friends too. We never leave anyone alone.”