The bee project

Project presentation

With our bee project we strengthen women in self-help groups and create an expansion of their income opportunities. This leads to more independence and the right to have a say, this is classic empowerment!

Beekeeping is a profitable agricultural activity, as the effort for beekeeping is manageable and no permanent labour is required. In this way, women can continue to look after their other household activities, without being overwhelmed.

Project implementation and objective

The women will join a group of local beekeepers and improve their knowledge and skills in beekeeping through special training and organised education.

In the first phase, 30 beehives will deliver about 240 litres of honey per harvest.
In addition to reducing poverty through new income opportunities, the project will also create an awareness of nature and the environment.

Future generations will also no longer have to migrate to the cities to earn a living.

Cost: 150,00 € per hive