We sow the future – much more than just trees

The goal is to plant more than 50,000 trees –
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Capacity building in the northern savannah zone of Ghana – to help people to help themselves.

Since the early 1990s, Ghana has lost more than 30% of its forests – with severe consequences for the people. From desertification and a loss of income to the radicalization of the local population by islamist extremists, all this leads to the destruction of the habitat.

Our Project counters the rural exodus of the young population by creating growth and prospects, so that the young people stay.

The project budget is 60,000 Euro, which equals 6 Ghanaian Cedis or 1 Euro per seedling.

A joint project with sustainable prospects

Children and teenager of selected schools and educational institutions will be involved in this reforestation project; as will their families, the local forest industry and the most important decision-makers on site. That creates cohesion.

The joint and collaborative character of the project has an additional effect: it prevents people from the feeling of being left behind. That deprives local islamist extremists of their breeding ground

Prospective 1: Reforestation

To combat deforestation and rural exodus

Prospective 2: Education offensive

To raise awareness for climate and environment protection

Prospective 3: Generation of income

To develop new sources of income for girls and young women

Prospective 4: Active environment protection

To increase the forest areas in the long term

Ambassador for Madamfo Ghana Project

Mrs. Natalie Retzlaff
Wife of the German Ambassador to Ghana

“As a geographer, I was able to see the situation on the ground for myself. 28 years ago we mapped tree populations in West Africa – now the rainforest has almost vanished.

Sowing the future – harvesting perspectives is the motto of the project, which tackles the problems at their roots. Planting trees is absolutely up-to-date and especially useful in a region that is already affected by climate change. The action taken by Madamfo Ghana – the friends of Ghana is very close to my heart. Madamfo has developed a concept that gives the rural population in the north of Ghana perspectives to help shape the future and fight against the causes of the exodus.”

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