Asisiriwa water project

Asisiriwa is located in Bosomtwi District which lies in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, about 15 kilometres from Kuntanase, the district’s capital.

The majority of the 3,000 inhabitants of the municipality are farmers. They mainly grow manioc (also known as cassava, a tuber vegetable), cocoyam (leafy greens), maize, plantain, pepper and other vegetables. Breeding cattle and poultry for captive use is also a part of the farming activities.

There is a nursery school, a primary school, and a Junior High School with a total of about 580 pupils.

The 3,000 villagers had to share one mechanized well and a creek. There was always too much pressure on the well so that it collapsed over and over again. Every time the well collapsed, the people had to walk 2.5 kilometres to fetch water at the next town.

Status: completed
Costs: 14,000 EURO

Video of the project