Enuanomase Water Project

Background: Enuanomase, a village in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region of Ghana, is home to about 450 people. Until recently, the residents had to fetch their drinking water from a well in a neighboring community, about 1 km away. However, this well was not sufficient for the needs of such a large population, and it frequently experienced disruptions and breakdowns. Long queues regularly led to conflicts, especially for women and children who fetched water for their families.

Project Description: The issue was resolved by constructing a mechanized well with a storage tank and a water dispensing point. This allows all residents access to essential, clean drinking water directly in their village.

Status: Completed
Cost: €4,800.00

Originally, the plan was to install a well with a hand pump. However, due to the depth that needed to be drilled to reach groundwater, the team opted for a mechanized solution. The additional costs were covered by the village community to ensure the project could be successfully completed.