Nkwantapong water project

Project background:

Nkwantapong is located in the Bosome Freho District, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It is a community of about 300 inhabitants, mainly farmers. It is located about 4 km away from the district capital Asiwa.

The village does not have its own borehole. Women and children get up very early in the morning to fetch water from a neighbouring village, which usually leads to long waiting times, conflicts and even fights.
Often there is only a stream, which is about 4 km away available for water supply. Due to the high level of pollution, severe diarrhoea is common among the residents. Moreover, pupils are late for school in the morning.

Project description:

Construction of a mechanised water supply system, with storage tank and taps.

Project goals:

  • Access to clean drinking water for the entire community
  • Improving the health status of the population, through better hygiene and prevention of water-related diseases
  • Improvement of the educational standard as students no longer have to wait in long queues in the morning to fetch water and can arrive on time for classes. In addition, absenteeism due to water-related diseases is reduced.

status: in planning
costs: 6,050.00 €

Location of the project