In Ghana, it is very hard for children that were born with disabilities. Meeting their special needs is often an impossible challenge for the families. Resignation is the result.

The plight of the children is dramatic. There is a lack of suitable means and for many children, the ground is the only place for them to stay.

Contractures, deformities of the bones or pressure ulcers are the consequences. Using the bathroom becomes an ordeal.

We want to take care of these children and improve their situation and lives decisively.

Providing suitable wheelchairs with which the children can participate in life and attend school is a first step.

Another step is medical care, proper nutrition and other therapeutic approaches, wich are also part of this project.

EVERY single donation helps us to better the lives of these children.

With a three-wheeled wheelchair it is also possible to move on the unpaved roads.

Costs: three-wheeled wheelchair 300 EURO