Tafi Atome water project

Tafi Atome is a farming community with about 2,500 inhabitants. The community is very keen on ecotourism and enjoys an excellent reputation in that field. The Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary also benefits from the water project.

The entire village had to share a single water hole which did not deliver enough water for all. The villagers were in urgent need of an additional well with taps to meet the needs and assure the water supply for every inhabitant.

In the morning, women and – especially children before they went to school – waited for hours to get one single bucket of water.

A mechanised well with two water tanks and nine taps, that were placed all across the village, helped to better that situation.

Thanks to the generous help of the Rotary Club Hermer, Germany, in cooperation with the Rotary Club Dansoman, Accra, Ghana, this project was launched in February 2018 and formally opened in April 2018.

Status: Completed
Costs: 38,000 EURO

Video impression of the project