Yamah water project

The approximately 5,000 inhabitants of the village and its surrounding area had no access to drinking water supply. But now, wells mechanized with solar energy supply the people with clean drinking water via pipelines that lead to tapping points in the village.

Problem no. 1:
There is only one wet season per year, thus storing water is impossible.
Usage of small local wells that were dug by hand and which not contain clean drinking water: spreading of waterborne diseases (diseases that are caused by the consumption of polluted water, such as Cholera).

Problem no. 2:
With a 24 kilometre-distance from the main road Tamale-Bolgatange, the village is too far off and a connection to the Ghanaian water-net is basically impossible.

Problem no. 3:
No power supply. A mechanization of the wells with electric power is impossible. Therefore it is run by solar power.

Status: completed
Costs: 120,000 EURO
Sponsor: www.fuersorgeundbildungsstiftung.de


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