Spring campaign 2023

Ghana has lost 2.5 million hectares of fertile land since the 1990s.

About a third of the forest has been cleared to develop land. Due to additional overgrazing and overexploitation, vast areas are becoming increasingly lifeless. Drought and devastation are eating further and further into the land.

More and more people who are self-sufficient in agriculture are losing their livelihoods. Poverty and despair are driving many of them from their homes: into the overcrowded slums of major cities, into exploitation and dependency, or into the arms of extremist paramilitaries.

To stop this desertification and the devastating consequences for people and nature, we have launched a sustainable long-term project in 2019:

We sow the Future! Together with students, teachers and their families, we have taken the reforestation of the northern Sahel into our own hands!

We are planting mahogany, mango and teak trees – and thus perspectives! These tree species help put nutrients back into the soil and revitalize nature. They provide local people with food, high-quality building materials and income.

To ensure that the project is sustainable for people and the environment, we work with the local population to find solutions for environmental protection and agriculture and create alternative sources of income. We place particular emphasis on empowering girls and women, who are often the hardest hit by land abandonment and exploitation. We realize the planting campaigns, the construction of protective fences for each seedling and the care of the young trees together with our partner schools. In this way, we not only ensure the success of the project, but also train the next generation in environmental protection and sustainable landscaping.

Since the start of the project, we have already planted over 20,000 seedlings, but there is still a lot to do: In the first phase of the project, well over 50,000 trees need to be planted in order to realistically help people in the Sahel to help themselves.

1 Euro donates one seedling – and so much more perspective! In addition, we also want to make the transport of the plants to the village communities possible, as well as the protective fences and the care of the partner schools. For this, we  ask for your help!


Support our Spring campaign and sow the future with us!


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Special thanks to Jochen Weidler for donating the animation of our Spring campaign!

You can find more of his work at: https://jochenweidler.de/