Child Recreational Center

Update October 2022:

Thanks to your great willingness to donate, we could now completely rebuild and furnish the children’s home and social center. We are happy for the children  having a home again and a safe place to do homework, play and eat.

Status: completed
Costs: 50.000 Euro

Update February 2021

On 16 February 2021, a fire broke out with devastating consequences.
The smoke caused the fire was discovered, but there was already no way for the people, who had rushed over, to put it out. Fortunately, no one was in the building at the time, so no one was injured!
Ghana is in the dry season since November 2020, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 50 degrees and the country is completely parched and everything has dried out. So the fire was able to spread very quickly over the entire roof.
There is no local fire brigade and the fire brigade called in from Walewale needed hours, to get to the remote area.

The exact background of how the fire started is not yet known and is still being investigated by the fire brigade. However, there is no accurate fire investigation in Ghana as there is in Germany, so it will probably not be possible to find the exact cause.

We are all very shocked and sad, but for the children it is a humanitarian catastrophe. They have lost their home and all their belongings and the other children have lost their safe haven, where they could stay, talk, play, do homework and eat every day.

Our long-time friends and supporters, Christine and Helmut Fischer, have launched a fundraising campaign for this purpose! Please support this campaign and help the children in Yamah. Thank you very much!


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The Northern Region is a particularly poor region of Ghana. The orphans in the remote village of Yamah urgently need help.

Since 10 year we are supporting the local children’s shelter, with food and material donations. We also support with the school fees.

The situation became critical, when the old building partially collapsed. The condition was life-threatening for the children. The construction of a completely new building was therefore imperative.

With a step-by-step plan, we were able to sustainably improve the living situation of the people in Yamah:

  1. Enabling all children to attend a school.
  2. Construction of a new building for the children.
  3. A bed for every child, because many children were still sleeping on the bare clay soil.Status: completed
    Cost: 45,000 eurosWe especially thank the family Fischer from Munich, Free Spirit Compassion – Kinderhilfswerk and the comedian Atze Schröder, for their generous support!

Short clip about the project


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The project area in Yamah, Northern Region

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