Child Recreational Center

The Northern Region is a particularly poor region of Ghana. The orphans in the remote village of Yamah urgently need help.

For some time now, we have been supporting the local children’s shelter, with food and material donations. We also support with the school fees.

Unfortunately, the building has partially collapsed, the rest has severe cracks and it rains into it. The condition is life-threatening for the children, because the remaining part could also collapse at any time.

The construction of a completely new building is therefore absolutely necessary. There is no other accommodation for the children and in the rainy season everything gets even worse.

With a phased plan we were able to sustainably improve the lives of the people of Yamah.

  1. Enabling all children to attend a school.
  2. Construction of a new building for the children.
  3. A bed for every child, because many children are still sleeping on the bare clay soil.
    Status: completed
    Cost: 45,000 eurosWe especially thank the family Fischer from Munich, Free Spirit Compassion – Kinderhilfswerk and the comedian Atze Schröder, for their generous support!

Growing corn and a peanut farm, to make people more independent of food donations, is the next step towards independence.

Status: in planning
Cost: about 20,000 euros

Short clip about the project

The project area in Yamah, Northern Region