Nyinpengya Water Project

Nyinpengya is a community with approximately 500 inhabitants in Tain District, about 5 kilometres away from Nsawkaw, the district’s capital. Most of the inhabitants are farmers.

There is a nursery school and a primary school with 56 pupils in total.

There is no electricity and no well with clean drinking water in the entire village. The villagers fetch their water from a river that is 3 kilometres away – and which is carries no water at all during dry season.
If the river carries water, the water is never clean and always polluted. Therefor many people in Nyinpengya are sick.

The municipality reached out to Madamfo Ghana and asked for the construction of a well.

Status: in planning
Costs: ca. 5,000 EURO

The Project Area in Tain District

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