Anhwieso Methodist School Wash Project

The WASH Project stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Our WASH Project in schools is an important element in order to positive behavioural changes of the children when it comes to hygiene.

As soon as the children are aware of the positive results, they will play an important role in raising the awareness of their parents, family or their social environment and actively become agents for change in their communities. The children of today are the parents of tomorrow and what they learn in school will be passed on to their children.



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Project Presentation:

Kokofu Anhwiaso is a community with approximately 1,800 inhabitants, mainly inhabited by farmers. It is located in the Bosome Freho District of the Ashanti Region. There is a school-complex with a nursery school, a primary school and a Junior High School. The 711 pupils and 31 teachers do not have proper access to sanitation facilities and no access to clean drinking water.

A pit latrine is used as a toilet, there are no hand-washing facilities. The latrine is very dirty and since there are no doors, there is also no privacy – which is very uncomfortable, especially for the girls. Since there is no privacy and no possibility for monthly hygiene, the girls do not attend school during their menstruation.

Due to the lack of hygiene, parasitic infections and diarrhoeal diseases are spreading – which leads to high absentism from school.

Project Goals:

  • Improve the standard of health and education by building suitably sanitary facilities.
  • Access to clean drinking water by building a mechanised water supply system with storage tanks.

Project Implementation:

  • Construction of 14 toilets – 5 for the boys, 8 for the girls plus a teacher’s toilet with hand basin
  • Construction of a mechanised water supply system with tap and storage tanks
  • Education of teachers in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). The teachers are to spread their knowledge and pass it on to their colleagues, pupils and the pupils’ parents
  • Broad awareness-campaign to educate the pupils, their parents and the community on the importance of toilet hygiene and hand washing with soap for their health.


WASH contributes in schools to a healthy, clean and safe school-environment which can protect children from health-hazards, abuse and exclusion.

Status: in planning
Costs: approx. 22.000 €

Project location

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