Atebubu Water Project

Atebubu is the capital of the district Atebubu Mantine, in the Brong Ahafo region, in Ghana. The community has about 10,000 inhabitants (and a large catchment area) and is mainly inhabited by farmers. The main crops are cassava (a root bulb), cocoyam (leafy vegetables), corn, plantain, pepper and vegetables. Livestock and poultry farming are also part of the agricultural activities, but only for personal consumption.

An article about the Atebubu Water Project was written in the MG Modern Ghana. You are welcome to have a look at the article or download the PDF.

Water supply is a great challenge for the inhabitants of Atebubu. The people have to travel several kilometres every day to get water from a river. Besides the enormous distance and the high costs, this is of course also a problem from a hygienic point of view. Atebubu is one of the districts, in which there is a great danger from the Guinea worm. The situation there is so serious, that even a television station in Ghana has reported about it.

Thanks to the support of Atze Schröder we were able to complete the first phase of the project. First we drilled 5 boreholes, mechanised them and connected 8 fetching points.

In the second phase, we would like to distribute fetching points over the whole city area.

Status: 1st phase completed
Costs: 50.000,00€

Status: for the 2nd phase we need
Costs: 40.000,00€

and we are still desperately looking for donors!

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