Atobiase Water Project

Atobiase is a municipality with about 500 inhabitants, mainly inhabited by farmers. There is a school with about 70 pupils. The village is located in the Bosome Freho District in the Ashanti region.

The village has a big problem with the drinking water supply. One of the existing wells is constantly breaking down due to overloading. The people then get their drinking water from dirty streams and rivers, which carries a high risk of water-related diseases.

Since it is usually women and children who fetch the water, the lessons are also affected. The children often arrive late and are exhausted.

Our goal is to create a sustainable drinking water supply for the community by building a mechanized well. The generous donation of the company Meyer Kühlhausbau now makes this possible.

Status: in progress
Costs: approx. 5.000,00 €

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