Berekum SDA Basic School – Schulbau und WaSH-Projekt

Project background:

Berekum is located in the Bono Region, 15 km from the district capital Sunyani, and has approximately 6,000 inhabitants.

The building of Berekum SDA Primary School, with about 465 students, was makeshiftly constructed by parents and teachers. It was made of mud and old zinc sheets and was at high risk of collapse. Rainwater leaked in at many places, and there was inadequate protection from dust or stray animals.

The school had very little and outdated teaching materials. The school furniture was insufficient and partly dilapidated.

Additionally, the school had no toilets. Students and teachers had to relieve themselves outdoors, leading to catastrophic sanitary conditions around the school.

Although the school was connected to the city’s drinking water supply through pipes, this mostly did not function. Therefore, a mechanical water supply was urgently needed to ensure the functioning of toilets and to meet the drinking water needs at the school.

Due to this poor situation, many parents did not send their children to school and preferred to have them work instead.

The project

Construction of a new school block with 5 classrooms, a storage room, a computer room with 20 PCs, school furniture, a toilet block with 8 toilets, and a mechanized water supply, as well as hygiene and maintenance training and provision of additional school materials.

Through the construction of a new school building, a mechanized water supply, and a toilet facility:

  • All students have access to education.
  • Students and teaching staff have access to clean drinking water, adequate sanitary facilities, and handwashing stations.
  • Waterborne diseases are reduced due to improved hygienic conditions.
  • Students are enabled to attend classes regularly and punctually, thus achieving school completion.
  • Hygiene practices among students and teachers are significantly improved through training and promotions.
  • Girls are enabled to attend school even during menstruation.

Status: Completed; Sponsor:
Cost: €83,700