Education is the key to a self-determined and independent life. It goes without saying that our children attend school and get an education.

In Ghana, sending a child to school comes with great financial expenditures for the parents and the family. Most people cannot afford to send their children to school. They cannot afford to pay for the school fee, for the books, or the school uniform which is required in Ghana.

That is why many children reach out to us and ask for our help. Madamfo Ghana helps people to help themselves in this case, because a solid education is the foundation for whatever professional career the children want to pursue.

Projects on the topic: Education

School complex at Lake Bosomtwi

The key to a self-determined life: EDUCATION. Construction of a multifunctional, school complex for several villages at Lake Bosomtwi.

Primary school in Dame Nkwanta

The literacy rate in Pru District is far below the national average. Through the donation of the Fly&Help Foundation we are going to build a Primary School with an inclusive WaSH Project.

Primary School in Ampaha

A primary school for Ampaha will give 500 children a future and strengthen the girls!

Elementary School Abease

Abease is located in the Prang District, in the Bono East Region of Ghana and is a community of about 6.340 inhabitants. The main occupation is farming. The illiteracy rate in this district is far above the national average. This is due to the lack of school infrastructure, non-existent water supply and sanitation and a lack of teaching materials.

Teacher Quarters at Lake Bosomtwi

The villages of Apewu, Banso and Detiaso are located on the shores of Lake Bosomtwi. Each of the three villages has a kindergarten and a primary school, which Madamfo Ghana built, partly in cooperation with the Ghanaian government. There is also a Junior High School in Apewu. In total, about 700 pupils live there.

Kindergarten for Morle

Morle is an agricultural community in the Jaman North District in the Bono Region of Ghana. More than 100 children currently attend the local kindergarten, which is connected to the Morle Presby School.

Reconstruction of the primary school

The village of Brodi is located in the Tain District in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. It is about 35 kilometers from Nsawkaw, the district’s capital, and the population of Brodi is about 13,000 people.


Many schools do not have enough school-desks for their children. Therefore the students sit or lie on the floor during lessons. This affects the concentration, the handwriting and also the health of the children.

Banda Ahenkro Kindergarten

Ahenkro Presby Primary School is in the village. The school, especially the attached kindergarten, is in a very poor condition.

Nursery School Kabile

The children have to learn in part in the crowded building or outdoors.

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