No Screen Time – Christmas Fundraising Campaign 2021

No Screen Time

This is often the case for our children when they spend too much time in front of a PC, playing video games or with their mobile phones. In Ghana, however, “No Screen Time“ means that most pupils have never seen a PC, let alone worked with one.

Christmas Fundraising Campaign 2021

By building an ICT room  – a room for teaching information and communication technology – we want to enable the pupils of Feyiase School to have hands-on lessons on a PC and thus significantly improve their job opportunities.

PC use and digital learning

Not later than the last school-lockdown, digital learning has come to the fore in Germany. Although no face-to-face lessons could take place, the pupils still had the opportunity to learn at least some parts of the curriculum at home on a PC or tablet. For most children, handling these devices is not difficult, because they are digital natives, so to speak. However, they often spend too much time in front of the screen. And then, parents often say “No Screen Time“. In Ghana, however, “No Screen Time“ means that most pupils and students have never seen a PC, let alone worked with one.

Certainly, Ghanaian pupils do have lessons in information- and communication technology, but these are limited to theory. This prevents them from gaining access to advanced knowledge. But, for many study programmes and professions, PC skills are of great importance.

Our Christmas Fundraising Campaign – A computer room for Feyiase R/C School

Feyiase R/C School, with about 1,100 students, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, has no ICT room and no computers, too. The practical teaching of information technology is not possible. The pupils are not adequately prepared for further education or the start of their professional life.

With our Christmas Campaign 2021 – No Screen Time – we would like to change this, together with you, at least for the pupils of Feyiase School.

With the amount raised, we like to build an ICT room – a room for information and communication technology – and equip it with 20 (refurbished) PCs. You will soon be able to “buy“ or donate more computers via our online donation shop.

Please support our fundraising campaign. We are happy if you join us – every Euro helps! Practical computer lessons will significantly improve the career opportunities of these students.