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Many schools in Ghana lack the financial resources to equip classrooms with sufficient furniture. Especially school desks, tables and chairs are scarce. The children have no other choice, than to sit on the bare floor, or on a stone. Writing is done on the floor. It is not surprising, that this situation has a negative influence on the performance of the pupils.

With your support, it is our goal to provide as many classes as possible with suitable furniture.
We only produce locally, this has the advantage, that we can save transport costs, if we can build close to the school or kindergarten, where the furniture will be needed later.
Furthermore, only local people are involved in the production and so we strengthen the local handicraft and create income.

Just contact us, if you would like to start a donation marathon for a school or a kindergarten. We will be happy to introduce you to a concrete project.

School desk: 30€
Kindergarten set with table and chairs: 90€