Mantukwa Incarnate Word Preparatory School – School Construction and WaSH Project


Mantukwa is a town in the Bono Region with approximately 15,000 inhabitants. It is located on the main road from Sunyani to Berekum, about 10 km from the center of Sunyani. The residents are predominantly small-scale traders and farmers engaged in subsistence agriculture.

The Mantukwa Primary School (Incarnate Word Preparatory School) currently has 130 children attending, taught by 6 teachers. However, it is in poor condition and does not provide enough space for all the students.

There are neither toilets nor a well. Both students and teachers must relieve themselves outdoors, leading to disastrous hygienic conditions. Girls stay away from school during their menstruation due to the lack of privacy for menstrual hygiene. Moreover, students often have to search for water in the mornings, causing them to frequently arrive late for class. The contaminated water from streams, rivers, or ponds often results in severe diarrheal diseases.

High absenteeism and the number of children who cannot attend classes at all lead to a low educational standard, increased child labor, and numerous teenage pregnancies in the communities.

The Project

Construction of a new school block with 6 classrooms, a teacher’s room, storage room, and a toilet block with 13 school toilets and a mechanized water supply, along with hygiene and maintenance training.

Through the construction of a new school building, a mechanized water supply, and a toilet facility:

  • All students will have access to education.
  • Students and teaching staff will have access to clean drinking water, adequate sanitary facilities, and handwashing stations.
  • Waterborne diseases will be reduced due to improved hygiene conditions.
  • Students will be able to attend classes punctually and regularly, thus obtaining a school diploma.
  • The handling of hygiene among students and teachers will be significantly improved through support and training.
  • Girls will be enabled to attend school even during menstruation.

Status: In progress; Sponsors: Stiftung Block and the Peter Krämer Stiftung
Costs: €120,600