Teachers’ apartments at Lake Bosomtwi

Project background

The villages of Apewu, Banso and Detiaso are located on the shores of Lake Bosomtwi. Each of the three villages has a kindergarten and a primary school, which Madamfo Ghana built, partly in cooperation with the Ghanaian government. There is also a Junior High School in Apewu. In total, about 700 pupils live there.

The approximately 30 teachers, who teach in the Lake Bosomtwi region, however, mainly come from villages on the distant crater rim, such as the village of Morontuo.

There is only one single path leading down the steep mountain. It is not used by public transport. So the teachers have to walk the arduous path every day.

When it rains, the 30-minute walk down the mountain is not manageable. The teachers then have no possibility to get to the school and the lessons have to be cancelled.

However, regular school lessons are an elementary building block for a secure future for the 700 or so children. If this cannot be guaranteed, their prospects are massively reduced – and this ultimately has consequences for the entire region. After all, children are the generation of the future.

The Ghanaian state is responsible for awarding teaching positions at Lake Bosomtwi. Although there are applications for the teacher positions, most candidates are not prepared to teach in such a remote area, if there is no accommodation for them there.

Goal and vision

The solution to this problem would be to provide teachers’ accommodation, as a permanent community facility. This would allow teachers to live close to the schools.

Through the Bildungs- und Fürsorgestiftung (formerly the Bonita Foundation), the project could be quickly implemented and realized. The school lessons and ultimately the future of the pupils are thus much more secure.

Costs: 150.000 €
Update: 2020 the teachers’ accommodation has been connected to the mechanized water system, as part of a WaSH project for the village of Apewu.

Project location

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