Nursery School Kabile


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Situation on side:

The village of Kabile is mainly inhabited by farmers, who only grow for their own consumption, and there is a primary school with a nursery school. A total of more than 140 children attend the nursery school.

Some of the children had to learn in overcrowded buildings or outdoors, where they are exposed to the weather and reptiles. Since the school was close to the street, the noise also disturbed the learning process.

The nursery school was also closed during the rainy season, which of course had another negative effect on the children’s performance.

Due to the lack of parental resources, many children in Kabile are born in huts and not registered in the population register, which is why they cannot attend school. Part of the construction project is to register these children and to enable them to attend school.

Project Objective:

Construction of a new school building with 3 classrooms, a teacher’s office and a storage room.

The construction of the new nursery school/school prevents cognitive developmental delays of the children and thus enables them to perform better at school in the future.

The new rooms meet the learning-needs of all pupils and, of course, the criteria of the Ministry of Education.

Project Implementation:

Construction of the school building with 3 classrooms, the office and the storage room.

We are very grateful to Mrs Lindl for her generous support, which made this project possible.

Status: completed
Costs:  24,000 EURO


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