Kabile WASH Project

The village of Kabile has about 2000 inhabitants and is mainly inhabited by farmers, who grow crops only for their own consumption.
With a so-called WASH project: Water – Sanitation – Hygiene, we would like to help especially the young girls and women in the village. The project includes the construction of a toilet facility and the installation of a well.

Since there are no premises for their monthly hygiene, the girls do not come to school at all during their menstruation. And due to the lack of hygiene, parasite infections and diarrhoeal diseases spread, which also leads to high absenteeism from school.

Project objectives:

  1. improvement of health and educational standards by building suitable sanitary facilities.
  2. access to clean drinking water by constructing a mechanised water supply system with storage tanks.

Project benefits:
School children have access to clean water, adequate sanitation and hand washing facilities

  • Promotion of thorough hand washing and thorough hygiene practices
  • Menstruation is not an obstacle to prevent girls from attending school
  • Reduction of water-related diseases
  • Meeting the drinking water needs of the school and the village

Status: in realisation
Costs: approx. 14,500 €

Project location:

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