The village of Korkyikrom is located in the Bosome Freho District of the Ashanti Region in Ghana, about 21 kilometres away from Kumasi.

Its 1,500 inhabitants are mostly farmers. They mainly grow manioc (also known as cassava, a tuber vegetable), cocoyam (leafy greens), maize, plantain, pepper and other vegetables. Breeding cattle and poultry for captive use is also a part of the farming activities.

There is a nursery school, a primary school and a Junior High School with 368 pupils in total.

Three wells, that are widely spread, provide the 1,500 people of Korkyikrom and the neighbouring villages with water. Due to the constant pressure on the wells, they collapse frequently. In that case, the people have to walk several kilometres to another village and fetch their water from a river. But the water from the river is polluted and its consumption enhances the risk of getting sick.

We would like to help by building and constructing a mechanized water supply with additional water tanks and several taps.

Please help us, so we can surprise the people of Korkyikrom for Christmas, with the great news that we can start building a new mechanized water supply for their village.

You can find more information on our Christmas project here: Water for Korkyikrom

Status: in progress
Costs: approx. 12,000 EURO

Impressions of the project: