Nkwanta Water project

Nkwanta is a settlement with 2,100 inhabitants in the Bosomtwe District, in the Ashanti Region, 4 kilometres from the district capital Kuntenase. The community’s main source of income is agriculture.

There is not enough drinking water available for the people in the village. There is only one borehole, which is located about 500 meters from the village and does not supply enough water.
Every morning there are long queues. Because of this, pupils are usually late for school. In addition, the well is often defective due to overloading in use. Then people fetch their water from ponds and streams in the surrounding area, which carries a high risk of water-related diseases.

The construction of a mechanised water supply system with storage tank and taps will help to remedy this situation.

Status: under construction
Costs: approx. 5.200,00 €

Project location