WaSH project for St. Michael
Technical Institut


The St. Michaels Technical & Vocational Institute is located in Pramso in the Bosomtwe District in the Ashanti Region, about 5 km from the district capital Kuntanase. A total of 360 students are enrolled at the educational institution.

There is an old, dilapidated toilet facility without running water for the approx. 450 persons (students and teaching staff). Most of the latrines are no longer usable, the others are dirty and unhygienic. There are no doors to provide the necessary privacy. Girls therefore do not go to school during their period.
Some students and teachers go to a public toilet in the village during their lessons, others go for their needs outside.
People have to fetch the water for flushing the toilet, as well as their drinking water, from a distant pond. Diarrhoeal diseases are the order of the day. The level of education is low due to high absenteeism.

Project goals:

By constructing a WaSH project

  • students and teaching staff have access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation, with running water and hand washing basins.
  • the health status of the people will improve, because hygiene- and water-related diseases will be reduced.
  • the standard of education will improve, as students and teachers will have fewer class absences, due to illness and long distances to travel.
  • Pupils and teachers will be sensitized to the topic through special hygiene training.
  • girls can also attend school during their menstruation.
  • the spread of the corona virus can be curbed.

Status: completed; Sponsor: FreeSpirit Compassion
Costs: approx. 15.000,00 €

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