Bonita Health Center

The Bonita Health Center was built in 2009 and consists of an emergency room with a pharmacy,
a department for men, a department for women, the „RTL wir helfen Kindern“ Foundation Hospital for Children, a department that focusses on prevention, disease control and birth control, as well as housing units for the nurses. The Bonita Health Center is the only medical institution for approximately 50,000 people in the Brodi area.

Thanks to the support of the Welfare and Education Foundation, a 3-year-plan for the expansion of the clinic to turn the health center into a fully fledged hospital, was implemented in 2015. The health center will subsequently be expanded and include:

1. a pharmacy,

2. a radiology department,

3. a surgery,

4. tiles in the entire building,

5. housing units for the staff.

Costs of expansion: 360,000 EURO


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