Human health

The health care of people is a central concern of ours. In Ghana, the health care system is based on cash and go. First the payment, then the treatment. If the patient has no money, he will not be treated at all, or only insufficiently.

Our team has experienced many situations in which even seriously injured patients in acute danger of death were not treated. As a registered pediatric nurse Bettina Landgrafe could not accept this situation and wanted to change something about it.

Madamfo Ghana ensures, that on one hand, as many people as possible, have access to qualified medical treatment. You can support us specifically with a small monthly donation, this gives us planning security for operations and treatments.

On the other hand, we improve the local infrastructure in the health sector by building maternity wards, hospitals and health centres.

Through targeted educational projects, for example our Maternity Training Program, women are trained in antenatal courses and future fathers are taught, how a child develops in the womb. All this is done by local nurses and midwives, who are familiar with the cultural background and language of the people.

Projects on the topic: Human health

Kyekyewere Health Center

In recent decades, the population has risen sharply, which is why health care is no longer guaranteed for everyone. The clinic has only a very small room for patients who need inpatient care.

4 Clinics in the Tain District

Our vision: Stable and sustainable healthcare provision in a remote area in the Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana.


In joint collaboration with the project region’s Department of Health, we pay for the patients’ treatments and surgeries.

Yamah Health Center

The ramshackle building of the region’s only health center is in danger of collapsing – and it is occupied by vampire bats.

„Rtl wir helfen Kindern“-Foundation children’s hospital

Thanks to the support of the “RTL Wir helfen Kindern“ Foundation, we were able to built a children’s hospital with an additional department for prevention and family planning (Child Health Reproductive Unit) in Brodi, a village located in the Brong Ahafo Region.

Bonita Health Center

The Bonita Health Center was built in 2009 and consists of an emergency room with a pharmacy, a department for men, a department for women, the „RTL Wir helfen Kindern“ Foundation Hospital for Children, a department that focusses on prevention, disease control and birth control, as well as housing units for the nurses.

Maternity Programme in Traboum

In Ghana, the ratio of maternal mortality and newborn morbidity has increased dramatically. In December 2014, the number of deaths of mothers and newborns has increased from 350 stillbirths per 100,000 live births to 380 stillbirths per 100,000 live births.