A foot bridge for Odumkrom provides the future


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Odumkrom is located in the Central Region of Ghana. There are several settlements in total, but they are cut off by a river from the main village community of Ochiso, with all the main public offices, markets, clinic and schools. There is no bridge to cross the river.

The inhabitants therefore had to cross the river by canoe. However, this was very dangerous because of the strong current and the unsafe boats – moreover, most of the people cannot swim.

People regularly died, when trying to cross the river – both adults and children. Many families did not send their children to school at all because of the danger. Especially in the raining season many children stood away from school. As a result, they were cut off not only from the community with important infrastructure, but also from educational opportunities and health care.

Project overview

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Project objective

Madamfo Ghana would like to improve the living situation of the inhabitants of Odumkrom – especially the children – and enable them to cross the river safely. For this purpose, a pedestrian bridge has been built to connect the neighbouring villages.

Target group

A total of approx. 3,000 people will benefit from the construction of the pedestrian bridge, including all residents of Odumkrom and the surrounding areas. The main target groups of this project are children and young people, who will then have the opportunity to visit the surrounding schools. Women are also among the beneficiaries, as they have to cross the river every day to reach the main village.

Other advantages:

  • Prevention of deaths when crossing the river
  • schooling opportunities
  • fewer school dropouts
  • Reduction of teenage pregnancies
  • Prevention of drug abuse use among young people
  • better health care through access to the clinic
  • Poverty alleviation thanks to better economic accessibility
  • Implementation of sustainable development in the region

The construction of the pedestrian bridge will be carried out in close cooperation with the local population and local companies – starting with the concept and planning and ending with completion and maintenance.

The bridge construction project will be carried out in five phases:

  • Mobilisation on the construction site with expert opinions, material procurement and geotechnical investigations
  • Earthworks and foundation work
  • Superstructure works
  • Production and erection of the bridge framework
  • Training of a local maintenance team and handover of the bridge to the village community

The pedestrian bridge is a safe connection between the village communities, which will not only improve the lives of many people on the spot, but even save them! With the bridge, the children of the village communities have the possibility to attend school throughout the year. This increases the future chances for the children and young people in Odumkrom enormously. In addition, the improved infrastructure also has a lasting effect on the economy and health care in the entire region.

Status: completed – thanks to the generous donation from KiKxxl the project could be realized
Costs: approx. 84.000 Euro