4 Clinics in the Tain District


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The vision of the project

To provide a stable and sustainable health care, in one of the poorest and most remote areas of Ghana.

The project objective

By building four health centres in the Brong Ahafo region, we hope to achieve these goals:

  • the improvement of the general health care in the district
  • the improvement of the individual health situation in the families, e.g. through awareness campaigns
  • to encourage the population to use these health facilities, as they are now accessible
  • preventing the outbreak of diseases
  • to generate income and thereby also resources for the local population

Background and target group

The Brong Ahafo Region is one of the poorest regions in Ghana. Madamfo Ghana would like to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants in this region sustainably. Good health care is an elementary component for this.

Therefore we will equip four villages with one health centre each. More precisely: one clinic each in the remote villages Tanoso Njau, Tainso, Tanokrom and Tiadene.

Without the four clinics, there would be no infrastructure for the health care of the people in these villages. Health centres are virtually unavailable,
because the above-mentioned settlements are located between seven and 35 km from the district capital Nzavkaw and there is no public transport network there. This means, that if one of the inhabitants needs medical assistance, the patient has to walk the distance to the district capital – and thus to the nearest health centre. The four health centres are therefore the key to improving the general health care in this region.

The communities there are mainly inhabited by farmers. The village Tanoso Njau has about 2,000 inhabitants, Tainso has about 850 inhabitants, Tanokrom has about 750 inhabitants and Tiadene has about 350. Each village has its own kindergarten and primary school. In Tainso and Tanokrom there is also a Junior High School in each village. The total catchment area for the clinic project, including the surrounding villages, therefore comprises about 10,00 people.

The project implementation

We were able to build four clinics in the villages, each with a mechanical water supply.

Each of these clinics consists of:

  • an emergency room with treatment rooms
  • a male ward
  • a female ward
  • a delivery room with maternity ward
  • a pharmacy
  • Staff Accommodation

Update: At the end of June 2020, we handed over one of the clinics to the local health authorities at short notice and equipped it for use as a quarantine center for COVID-19 patients.

Status: The project was completed, with the support of Dr. Theiss Naturwaren
Costs: 320.000 €

The Project Area:

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