Kyekyewere Health Center

The Dunkwa Kyekyewere Health Center should be expanded by a women’s and men’s ward (2018/2019), by additional beds for the Clinic of Reproductive Children’s Health/Children’s Hospital (2020) and by additional staff quarters (2021). Furthermore, the clinic is to be equipped with urgently needed hospital equipment (2018-2022).


The Dunkwa Kyekyewere Health Center was built in 1974. The following medical fields are covered by the clinic: prenatal care, reproductive child health, paediatric clinic, ultrasound examinations, laboratory, outpatient and inpatient care as well as patient monitoring. In recent decades, the population has risen sharply, which is why health care is no longer guaranteed for everyone.
The clinic has only a very small room for patients who need inpatient care. In addition, women/children and men are accommodated together. Furthermore, there is a lack of important equipment to ensure a smooth, daily routine in the clinic routine. There are not enough staff since there is no staff accommodation.

Target Group:

The Dunkwa Kyekyewere Health Center is located in the Upper Denkyira Municipal, Central Region of Ghana, about 20 kilometres away from its capital. The village is surrounded by 29 municipalities. About 15,000 people live there. Dunkwa alone has 6,000 inhabitants. The Health Center is the only institution for health care in this region and has a very high number of patients.

Status: in realization
Costs: approx. 150,000 Euro