Outreach-Clinic for reproductive and child health RCH

The background

Maternal mortality and disease rates among newborns are still high in Ghana. In concrete terms, this means that in 2017 the death rate of mothers of every 100,000 live births was 310. At the same time, the number of women who died from complications from pregnancy rose from 1,020 to 3,100.

This means that pregnant women, mothers and newborns die every day.

Numerous institutions and the government of Ghana are tackling this serious problem. And we as Madamfo Ghana also do our part in the fight against maternal mortality.

It has therefore proven to be urgently necessary to expand our activities in relation to this sad situation on a large scale – and we did that with your support.

Specifically, this means: Since November 2014, we have extended our aid measures from the Ashanti Region to Brong Ahafo-, Central- and Northern Region.

The project

To battle maternal and newborn mortality and to supervise high-risk pregnancies with medical expertise, we built an outreach-post right next to the clinic in Traboum. At that location, women can give birth and the newborns are taken care of professionally. At the same time people can
achieve information on family planning and sexual education.

Status: completed, supported by the Comedian Luke Mockridge and RTL Stiftung Wir helfen Kindern
Costs: 15,000 EURO


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