Worakese Water Project

Impressions of our Worakese Water Project

Worakese is a settlement with about 1,800 inhabitants in the Bosomtwe District, in the Ashanti region, about 4 kilometres from the district capital Kuntenase.
The community’s main sources of income are agriculture and retail trade.

There are 2 boreholes, but due to overusage, they are constantly broken and out of order. In addition, they are located about 500 m from the village, which means that there are long queues, every time you fetch water. As a result, pupils are often late for classes.

So the people have no other choice, than to fetch water from ponds and rivers, which leads to water-born diseases.

Through a mechanized water project, with a storage tank and several taps in the village, we want to ensure that everyone has access to sufficient clean drinking water.

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Status: under construction
Costs: approx. 6.000,00 €

Project Location: