Our active supporters:

Gisbert Harnischmacher

„Petra’s godchild put me in touch with Bettina and, as a member of the Hemer Rotary Club, I was able to initiate the construction of a water project in Tafi Atome – I have already been there twice myself.”

Petra Harnischmacher

„After the touching report on “Stern TV”, I became interested in Madamfo, read Bettina’s book and got a godchild myself.”

Jerome Evans

“The first time I heard about Madamfo Ghana e.V. and Bettina Manu-Landgrafe was in a Stern TV program in 2010. The contribution touched me emotionally very much and I had resolved that one day I would like to implement an “own” project with the help of Madamfo Ghana.”

Birgit and Otto Edsperger

What was before important loses its meaning. Becomes unimportant, becomes a minor matter! Life stands still! And yet one knows that life goes on! Life is not only black – white, life is colourful. And everyone who comes to this earth is here to fulfil a certain task and, when he leaves again, perhaps also leaves a message for those who stay behind.

German Ambassador

We have received a high-ranking visitor! His Excellency the German Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Retzlaff and his wife, have visited our Children’s Home in Ho.

Atze Schröder

Our friend Atze Schröder was a guest of Sebastian Merget in the show “HAUS’ JETZT RAUS!” and reports about Madamfo Ghana.


“We know and support Bettina Landgrafe and her association Madamfo Ghana e.V. since 10 years. We became aware of her in 2010, through a report in the programme “Stern TV”.

Fischer Family

“As travelers with a deep passion for Africa, we wanted to actively do something for the continent. After long and intense research for a partner to realise that, we finally found Madamfo Ghana e.V.. And here, our idea of how aid should be provided was met.


We are incredibly happy to be able to support Madamfo Ghana, another great organisation, that has been working for many years for a better, healthier and more just life for the people of Ghana.

M.Otten & Rotary Club

In 2007 I was looking for a project to support and my friend Gisbert drew my attention to the projects of Madamfo Ghana e.V. From this idea, a long lasting cooperation and friendship developed between the Rotary-Club Hemer and Bettina Manu-Landgrafe and her team.