Why we drill boreholes with Madamfo Ghana

When, from one day to the next, life changes fundamentally, a day that began full of joy, with ease and bliss, a cloud of deep sadness, indescribable pain and an unbearable emptiness, from one minute to the next, life changes fundamentally, then perhaps this is the time to reflect on the meaning of life.

What was before important loses its meaning. Becomes unimportant, becomes a minor matter! Life stands still! And yet one knows that life goes on! Life is not only black – white, life is colourful. And everyone who comes to this earth is here to fulfil a certain task and, when he leaves again, perhaps also leaves a message for those who stay behind.

This is roughly what happened to us in August 2015, although this state of affairs cannot be put into words. Despite this dark, difficult time, one thought filled us with much joy. We wanted to transform the pain of loss, sadness, emptiness, sometimes even anger and despair. We want to help, alleviate suffering, give hope, spread confidence, make a contribution to a better quality of life, health and well-being for the poorest of the poor.

This is why we have decided in 2016 to “invest” the many donations on the occasion of a commemorative football match day in a water project of Madamfo Ghana. Fast, the borehole for the village of Onwe was financed. To see what such a project can do for the people in a village motivated us to save for a second water project, this time for the village of Okutokrum and then to realize it in 2018, again with the help of the great team of Madamfo Ghana. When we then decided to have a look at “our water projects” on site, it was of course clear, that we would save for the next project at the same time. And so now our third project for the village of Ntinanko is running for funding.

In February 2020 we finally travelled to Ghana and it was a great experience to be part of the inauguration ceremonies for the water projects, to see and feel the gratitude and joy of the people.
But what impressed us even more was the cordiality, the commitment and helpfulness of the team members of Madamfo Ghana, who met us during our visit. Many thanks for this!

Testimonial Dr.Theis

“We know and support Bettina Landgrafe and her association Madamfo Ghana e.V. since 10 years. We became aware of her in 2010, through a report in the programme “Stern TV”.

Testimonial Fischer Family

“As travelers with a deep passion for Africa, we wanted to actively do something for the continent. After long and intense research for a partner to realise that, we finally found Madamfo Ghana e.V.. And here, our idea of how aid should be provided was met.

Testimonial Uncutbread

We are incredibly happy to be able to support Madamfo Ghana, another great organisation, that has been working for many years for a better, healthier and more just life for the people of Ghana.

Testimonial M.Otten & Rotary Club

In 2007 I was looking for a project to support and my friend Gisbert drew my attention to the projects of Madamfo Ghana e.V. From this idea, a long lasting cooperation and friendship developed between the Rotary-Club Hemer and Bettina Landgrafe and her team.