Testimonial: The Fischer family – Helmut and Christine

“As enthusiastic travellers to Africa, we wanted to actively do something for the continent. After a long research how and with whom we could implement this, we finally came across Madamfo Ghana e.V.. With them, our idea of how the help we provided should look like was fulfilled.

In 2016 we could inaugurate “our” first school in Brahoho. And since then, with the support of friends and acquaintances, we have realised a water project and realised another kindergarten in Chichibon. With the help of two other donors, a Social Centre was built in Yamah in 2019. With our curre donation we supported the project for the Kayayei in Kumasi.

With our current campaign we are going back to Brahoho. We want to implement a WaSH project. A project for clean water and a toilet facility, will not only provide better hygiene and health, but also reduce the absenteeism of the students, who otherwise have to travel long distances to fetch water.

The work of Madamfo Ghana is amazing. We have already been able to see for ourselves twice on site the commitment of the staff and how much our help is appreciated by the residents. This is how sustainable development aid looks like!
We are proud to be a part of the Madamfo family and we are looking forward to the projects we will implement together in the future!”